Since his baptism in the equator as a little boy, he’s up to every trick. He likes to sit on the shore, let his eyes wander into the distance and stones flip across the water and dreams himself to the Amazon to the piranhas and anacondas, which he watches from a safe distance from his hammock. His observations culminate in wild improvisations.

Piano, accordion, vocals, tape at Miss Hope goes fishing:


She walks along the river, contemplating, amazed and elated. The fishing rod shouldered, a song on her lips, the glitter of the water reminds of the sea…and there she dreams herself, to the wild ocean, to fly with the fishes, to get to the bottom of things and to study the song of the whales.

Vocals, synthesizer, percussion and piano at Miss Hope goes fishing:


In Valparaiso, he boarded his small boat with the red sail. He sailed around Cape Horn, braving wild storms on his way to Europe. He used the weeks on the open sea to carve his first instrument out of driftwood, with which he has since captured the sounds of the sea, the seagulls and the wind. He dreams of swimming through the Pacific with colorful schools of fish.

Cello at Miss Hope goes fishing: